The Next Generation has Arrived

A new generation John Deere X9 1100 Signature Edition combine harvester has arrived and has made an impressive impact on this year’s harvest. Allanooka farmer Daniel Winter has recently upgraded from the S780 combine harvester.

Originally, planning to add another S780 into their fleet, they don’t look back with the immediate impact it has provided to harvest this year.

The X9 Series combine harvester is one of the biggest combines in the world, that has delivered improvements in efficiency. This is due to the twin side-by-side 60 centimetre rotors increasing the threshing area by 45 per cent and 80 per cent bigger separating area, along with 15 per cent bigger 16,210 litre grain tank.

John Deere’s new PowerTech 13.6 litre engine in the X9 1100 delivers a 14 per cent increase in power (up to 515 kilowatts or 690 horsepower) with a new common-rail fuel injection system and hydraulic value lifters making the engine more fuel efficient, smoother and quieter. Savings are not only in fuel with the X9 1100 as well in the time saved with filling chaser bins.

It was expected amongst John Deere strategists that they were concerned the X9 1100 would be too big for Western Australia farming system.

This has been disproven due to the eye on efficiency and operating costs of running one harvester versus two harvesters and labour costs of one driver versus two drivers, the decision was straight forward. These technological advancements have led to improved results dealing with a range of crops including wheat and lupins.

The fuel comparison figures between the X9 1100 verse S780 have seen vast improvements in consumption of roughly a litre per tonne with greater productivity.

The comfort of the new bigger and quieter cab on the X9 1100 has been a standout feature that has impressed with the Signature Edition’s heated and cooled suspension seat that has back and under thigh massage settings as standard equipment contributing to better ride quality. The track option also improves on the reduction of soil compaction.