Why consider the John Deere 672GP for your next grader?

We love hearing stories about our equipment out in the field. Mobile plant operator Jason Vine provided some excellent feedback of the John Deere 672GP grader he was operating on a recent re-sheeting job. We greatly appreciate Jason taking the time to tell us of the positive experience he had working with the machine.

“I wanted to express my gratitude and admiration for the new John Deere 672GP grader.

In my experience on graders, which started with the 672 some 20 years ago, the improvements on comfort, control, efficiency, and speed has been quite mind blowing.

As an example, we had a re-sheeting job to do working for the local shire on a new 672GP grader.

It was very challenging with working width of the road restricted by very wet drains.

In other words, you didn’t have a runway to work the material where you wanted it with ease.

If it went in the drain, it turned to soup. Material had a high clay content so that was obviously something we needed to avoid.

Back to the grader, with the joystick controls manipulating blade movements, wheel tilt - articulation is super easy and makes the operator able to not only save time but also enable more time for balancing.

The Grade Pro System saves heaps of time. Once you have a uniformed windrow and drains clear, whack on the grade pro at what percentage you need and happy days.

Again, it keeps the operator efficient while maintaining comfort and prolonging operator fatigue.

We accomplished re-sheeting 2 kilometres of road through a swamp. One day carting shale and three days gravel.

1 roller/water cart operator and 1 - 672GP 6 semi’s (25 tonne approximately) on a 1.15-hour turnaround for 7 trips.

There is absolutely no way we could have achieved the quality of work we walked away from if it wasn’t for that grader.

No operator fatigue. No shaking the hands for a sec so they don’t ache. Comfortable operator station.

If you’re in the market for a grader, you must try the GP range. I cannot regard this machine too highly. It is warranted without a shadow of a doubt.”

Jason Vine - Mobile Plant Operator