Total Seeding Solutions


More power at the front. More precision at the back. More control over your seeding operation than ever before.

With up to 830hp, the new 9RX s John Deere's more powerful tractor ever. The new C-Series Air Cart delivers pinpoint accuracy to minimise seed wastage. Together with the P600 Precision Air Hoe Drill, available in widths to suit all farming operations including controlled traffic farming, you have the only seamlessly integrated solution in the market.

Gain more control over your seeding operation than ever before with John Deere’s upgraded Total Seeding Solution. 


9RX 830HP Tractor 

Increase Seeding Productivity with SF7500 Receiver 

 With up to 75% reduction pull-in time the SF7500 Integrated Receiver with SF-RTK means you can get started faster. 

Improve Seeding Accuracy with the new SF-RTK Signal 

+/- 2.5cm accuracy and long-term repeatability direct from satellite with SF-RTK enables precision tasks like inter-row seeding. 

Automate Guidance with AutoPath™

Automatically create full-field guidance lines ftom the seeding pass to automate your sprayer and harvest process.

Autotrack Turn Automation™ 

Automate headland turns more easily, precisely and consistently. 


P600 Precision Air Hoe Drill

Controlled Traffice Compatible 

Now available in a range of widths from 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 ft.

Relative Flow™

Prevent blockages with in-built flow sensors 

Reduced Compaction 

5 fewer passes in a 64 hectare field means same amount of work in less time.

New Double Knife Feature 

Unifrom emergence, regardless of depth - 1.9cm (0.75in) vertical and 3.8cm (1.5in) horizontal spread between seed and fertiliser. 

Peak Efficiency and uniform Emergence 

Ideal seed-to-soil contact, consistend seed depth, excellent residue flow and stubble management.

3in Primaries with Equal Length Tubing

Provides even seed and fertiliser distribution across the toolbar. 


C-Series Air Carts

New C-Series Air Cart 

Availale from 350bu to 850bu in Leading or Trailing options to suit your operation

Stainless Steel Electric AccuRate™ Meters 

Minimise maintenance costs with corrosion resistant meters 

Turn Compensation with AccuRate™ Meters

Achieve better agronomic outcomes with consistent seeding rates through turns

John Deere ActiveCal™

Integrated tank scales allow callibration from the cab while seeding to ensure meter accuracy while maintaining productivity 

EZCal™ Calibration System 

Up to 45% faster callibration calibration ensuring accurate rates without compromising productivity

Blower Automation

Set your blower speed and let the tractor maintain it

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