• Combine Advisor™ package helps to set, optimise and automate main combine functions when conditions change
  • Fully automated yield sensor calibration with ActiveYield™ supplies accurate data with no time spent calibrating
  • Comfortable S700 cab is common with tractors and sprayers for ease of use
  • Continued quality manufacturing of S-Series combines maximises uptime and productivity
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High-capacity harvesting in corn and beans

Harvesting in cornHarvesting in corn
Harvesting in beansHarvesting in beans

Designed for performance in coarse grain crops, the TriStream™ rotor and Dyna-Flo™ Plus cleaning shoe efficiently thresh and clean grain in tough harvesting conditions. The TriStream rotor helps maximize fuel efficiency with technology that reduces the force required to move material through the combine by as much as 20 percent. High capacity starts at the feeder house, where the S Series provides large areas of clearance for high volumes of crop to flow uninterrupted.


  • TriStream rotor delivers performance – A slightly tapered front nose dramatically reduces the growling that often comes with thick crops and heavy rotor loads. Spiral vanes around the rotor guide the crop material through the feeding and threshing area, reducing hesitation and improving productivity. Meanwhile, rifling grooves on the elements allow the bullet-shaped rotors to move large volumes of crop material through the rotor more efficiently. Rifled elements grip crop material, providing a pulling action that helps even the crop flow, allowing the rotor to deliver better threshing performance.

  • DynaFlo Plus delivers clean grain – Consider your capacity needs met. In fact, in shoe-limited conditions, you get 10 percent more capacity in corn than previous models, which equates to another 0.6 ha/hr (1.5 acre/hr). The key is uniform distribution and a unique two-stage pre-cleaning design. Four conveyor augers move material onto the shoe steadily and evenly, even on hillsides. A fixed front chaffer helps thin the crop mat; about 30 percent of the air goes to the front chaffer at high speed, allowing it to clean up to 40 percent of the free grain before it reaches the main chaffer. A huge rear chaffer and larger sieve (12 percent larger than previous models) are specially designed to handle the threshing and separating performance of the S Series.

Raise your capacity in tough small grains or rice

Harvesting in riceHarvesting in rice

Truly tough conditions demand more than simple solutions. Rather than slightly improve performance in rice, canola, wheat, barley, oats, or other tough small grains, John Deere S Series Combines set new capacity standards with four crucial components: Active Concave Isolation, a high-performance feeder house, heavy-duty interrupter grates with integrated interrupters, and the variable-stream rotor. When you’re looking at a storm on the radar and you don’t have time to spare, you can run full throttle and still put your toughest crop into the machine without any issues.


  • Better material handling – The industry-exclusive variable-stream rotor features a longer, more tapered front cone design that excels in wet, green rice or small grains where the straw is especially tough. The variable-stream rotor with adjustable top cover transport vanes is recommended for rice producers and those facing tough threshing conditions. The vane angle can be adjusted to reduce the stress on straw material as it flows around the rotor, increasing the quality of the straw while using less fuel. Along with the tough material handling capabilities of the variable-stream rotor configuration, the straw quality and length can be improved due to the electrically adjustable top cover transport vanes.

  • Dyna-Flo™ Plus cleaning shoe provides more cleaning capacity – In shoe-limited conditions, you’ll see a 14 percent capacity boost in wheat and canola compared to previous John Deere designs, raising your productivity and improving grain quality. Simply put, this is a cleaning system that does it all.

  • Harvest through the toughest conditions – Active Concave Isolation (only available on S780 and S790 Combines) has been improved by applying hydraulic pressure to better secure the concave, providing extra stability when harvesting really tough crops. This increases the machine capacity by 10 percent, so you can harvest outside the optimal harvest windrow or crop conditions when necessary.

  • Better feeding in tough conditions – The S700 Combine feeder house design features an exclusive pivoting mid-frame design to provide the highest level of material handling and feeding capacity, especially in high-volume, tough crop conditions. The front feed drum provides you with 5.1 cm (2 in.) of additional movement for greater flexibility in challenging crop.

More convenience from the cab

Quick and easy adjustments in the cabQuick and easy adjustments in the cab

The more time you can spend harvesting and the less time spent making adjustments means more daily performance. The S Series Combine offers more convenience from the cab with platform tilt, precision residue, and easy crop changeover when it’s time to move fields. Whatever harvest throws at you, you can keep moving with the touch of a button.


  • Platform tilt – A center-mounted hydraulic cylinder lets you adjust the platform tilt of the cutterbar from the convenience of the cab using the advanced multifunction lever. You get the optimum cutting angle and the lowest possible cutting height.

  • Advanced PowerCast™ tailboard and straw chopper – This option for the premium residue system gives you additional residue management flexibility. With the premium system, you can chop straw and chaff and spread both by making adjustments within the cab. Auto Swap automatically adjusts for wind at headland turns. With the knife bank adjustment, you can change knife bank positions on-the-go from the cab to adjust residue sizing based on crop conditions or engine power consumption.

  • Fast delivery, space-saving folds – S780 and S790 Combines boast a 14,100-L (400-bu) capacity to match high-volume crops and wider front-end equipment, while still emptying the tank as fast as 134 L/s (3.8 bu/sec). The folding unloading auger lets you store the combine in the barn using less space and makes the machine more maneuverable in tighter gateways. You can also control your grain tank covers and the loading auger from the CommandARM™ console in the cab with the push of a button.

Spend more time harvesting in tough conditions

The faster you can get to – and into – your fields, the more productive you are. John Deere S Series Combines make it easy. Tracks help you get into the field sooner and finish faster. The ProDrive™ system lets you smoothly shift between two speed ranges (field and transport) with the push of a button; you’ll no longer have to stop to shift when going up or down hills or when you’re exiting a field.


  • Get your harvest on track – Your ability to get into your fields sooner is easier than ever. Reach a road transport speed of almost 40 km/h (25 mph) with the John Deere tracks. The suspended track system provides a smoother ride with better ground following. This makes for more comfortable harvesting days and lets you finish faster. Available with 76.2- or 91.4-cm (30- or 36-in.) wide belts, these tracks deliver better ride quality and ground following, improved flotation, and less compaction. In addition, there’s no daily maintenance.
Harvester with tracksHarvester with tracks
  • ProDrive ground drive system – This lets you switch between two infinitely variable speed ranges with the push of a button. Using the CommandARM™ armrest console, you can set the first range for typical harvesting speeds and the second for transport. This reduces your combine’s engine rpms during transport while still maintaining a productive ground speed, improving fuel economy. An electrohydraulic differential lock with a four-pinion differential delivers greater traction in muddy conditions.


In-cab adjustments with CommandARM consoleIn-cab adjustments with CommandARM console
  • Two-speed, four-wheel drive (4WD) is perfect for demanding conditions – This lets you switch between torque ranges. In slow-speed mode, the high-torque rear assist is ideal for tough conditions. Use high-speed mode for low-torque performance and faster ground speeds.


Spend the harvest day in comfort and in control

Comfortable S700 Combine cabComfortable S700 Combine cab

The S Series Combine Select cab is a great place to spend a long harvesting day. The intuitive CommandARM™ console, along with the G5Plus CommandCenter™ Display, delivers easy-to-understand harvest run screens. The multi-function lever fits your hand perfectly to give you smooth hydrostatic speed control, unloading options, and more. An air-suspension swivel seat adjusts four ways with lumbar adjustments to give you just the right amount of support. For even more comfort, step into the Premium cab, equipped with a leather steering wheel, a leather, lumbar-supported operator seat that is heated and ventilated, plus a folding instructor seat. Even small cab comforts can make a big difference over long harvest days.


  • Designed for efficiency – The G5Plus CommandCenter display provides full-screen viewing of all your harvest run pages. It’s customizable with programmable shortcut keys that let you easily choose the pages you look at most frequently. You can also lock out functions to prevent less-experienced operators from accidentally making changes. Plus, the G5Plus Extended Monitor works with the G5Plus CommandCenter display to give you more real estate for viewing.

  • Designed for productivity – The air suspension seat swivels 15 degrees to the right and 7 degrees to the left for better views of the grain tank and auger. Add grain tank mirrors for even better visibility of the fill level in the grain tank.

  • Designed for comfort – An integrated refrigerator keeps refreshments cold all day, and foot pegs deliver improved comfort during long harvest days. These are small features that will make a big difference after 10 or more hours of daily harvesting.

Packed with ready-to-harvest technology

Harvesting technology in the cabHarvesting technology in the cab

S Series Combines deliver more precision with integrated technologies to help you make upcoming business decisions with more accuracy. They learn on-the-go to improve your harvest, reduce losses, or leave cleaner grain. You’ll collect more accurate data, the automated technologies will improve harvesting results, and connecting all your machines will help you make more informed decisions. What’s even better, they do much of this automatically in the background without you having to worry about it, so you can focus on the harvest.

  • Combine Advisor™ package – Combine Advisor automatically adjusts the combine’s harvest settings to put higher quality grain in the tank and reduce the chance of grain loss. Cameras on the clean grain and tailings elevator help you make informed decisions on the crop that is flowing up and into the grain tank.
  • G5 Advanced License – The combine can unload 100 times or more every day with larger heads, so caution and safety are even more important. Machine Sync connects the grain cart to the combine, letting the combine operator adjust the speed and location of the cart and automating all tractor movement. The grain cart operator can see where all the combines are in the field, as well as which one is closest to full, prioritizing unloading and improving overall logistics. AutoPath™ system maps each planter row and maximizes harvest efficiency by creating your harvest AB lines, keeping the header full during each pass.
  • JDLink™ – Automatically sends yield maps and other harvest data to the Operations Center™ for later analysis. From your office or from your mobile device, JDLink gives you a look at all your machines – where they are, how they’re performing, and what action you can take to improve your harvest.
  • Operations Center – Your combine generates more valuable data about your harvest than ever before. Operations Center makes it easier than ever to view, analyze, and compare different map layers and print out reports to make next year’s harvest even more profitable. Plus, you have access to more than 100 connected software tools, and you can easily share your harvest data with your trusted partners to help you make better decisions.