S-Series Combines

Combine Advisor™

Maintain the performance settings you choose — no matter the moisture or crop conditions. With automatic compensation for changing conditions, once set, your combine will continue to make adjustments as you harvest, assisted by the ActiveVision™ cameras.


Manage your harvest from anywhere with the MyOperations app. Remotely view harvest information such as yield, moisture, and area worked. And you can now remotely view and adjust combine settings. Plus, you can leverage historical map layers, as well as harvest summary information.

Active Yield™

Improve real-time decision-making with more accurate yield data from automated sensors that calibrate the machine by measuring the grain as the tank fills. Eliminates the need for the operator to manually calibrate.

Active Terrain Adjust™

Automatically maximise grain quality and minimise grain loss when harvesting on hills. On hills up to 10% you can achieve the same loss level as on level-land. Tailings reductions of up to 35% can be achieved on 8-12 degree inclines.
ModelHPEngineGrain Tank SizeUnloading RateTotal Cleaning Area


333 hp9.0 L PowerTech10,600 L (300 bu.)120 L/s5.1 m2


391 hp9.0 L PowerTech10,600 L (300 bu.)120 L/s5.1 m2


473 hp13.5 L PowerTech14,100 L (400 bu.)135 L/s5.9 m2


543 hp13.5 L PowerTech14,100 L (400 bu.)135 L/s5.9 m2


View critical and timely information about your machines, and move data wirelessly and effortlessly, for next level productivity and efficiency.


Maintain a consistent crop load and adapt to crop variations by automatically regulating and adjusting ground speed on the go. 

S700 Series Tracks System

Start harvesting even when field conditions aren’t ideal, plus reduce compaction and improve floatation with a larger contact area.

Moisture Sensor

New and improved sensor requires zero calibrations and improves moisture reading accuracy to enable better management decisions.

Auto Swap

Makes residue placement more precise by automatically swapping the direction of the residue 180 degrees as it turns on a headland and then redistributes it in the other direction.

Knife Bank Adjustments

Set the chopper knife bank in four different positions without leaving the cab, saving time during harvest when switching between two different crops.