Kuhn tedders are designed to guarantee the best crop spreading under all conditions. Kuhn tedders are simple, compact and lightweight and are perfectly suited for work on hilly terrain. The range of semi-mounted models can work at more than 10 ha/hour, at a width of 10.6m. The built-in folding capacity of the outer components guarantees safe transportation.


Mower Conditioners

Kuhn uses its technology innovations to help you harvest the fruits of your investment as quickly as possible. Kuhn’s mower conditions help to reduce drying time by incorporating flexible flail fingers and rollers. The Kuhn range of mower conditioners also incorporates the lift-control suspension system which allows the mowing unit to adapt perfectly to different types of terrain – this in turn helps to preserve the crop’s nutritional quality.


Kuhn’s range of mowers offers exemplary mowing quality, optimised weight, reduction and the use of cutting bars that hav ebeen perfected down to the smallest details. It is possible to increase working speeds and efficiency by using a combination of rear-mounted and front-mounted machines. Kuhn’s oval shaped cutting discs provide enhanced fodders evacuation for clean, even mowing.



A machine to suit every need: from single-rotor versions to central or side twin-rotor versions & four-rotor versions. Kuhn rakes are particularly suited to harvesting forage with a high nutritional content. Kuhn pays great attentions to factors like following ground contours, and picking up the whole crop without any contaminants. The hydraulic rotor drive on Kuhn’s rakes is designed for very intensive use & makes the range even more versatile, reliable & low maintenance.