Deere celebrates 50 years of manufacturing backhoes

John Deere have marked 50 years of manufacturing backhoe loaders with a celebration of the launch of its first backhoe model, the JD310. Today, the 310L, the latest generation of the original model, remains a cornerstone within the John Deere backhoe lineup. This is a result of continuous improvement to the design and efficiency in performance. John Deere Construction & Forestry US product manager Brian Hennings said the line’s success is due to Deere’s focus on the customer’s needs, a trait cemented since the inception of Deere backhoes 50 years ago. “This anniversary celebrates half a century of reliability and providing customer value stemming from the introduction of our backhoe lineup in 1971,” Hennings said. “We are proud of the advancements we’ve made to our backhoe loader line in the last 50 years and are committed to providing our customers with continued innovation.” AFGRI general manager – construction and forestry James Mckillop said the backhoes have continued to grow in popularity in the Australian market. “These machines display characteristics Deere construction equipment has been renowned for – durability, commonality and performance,” James said. “With more units being put to work across Australia in recent years, they are living up to their reputation with owners of being reliable workhorses with great multifunction versatility and exceptional capability.” As a commitment to the next generation of backhoe loaders, John Deere has begun joint testing its first-ever battery electric backhoe loader with National Grid, an electricity, natural gas and clean energy delivery company. This new model, the Deere E-Power backhoe loader is being designed to lower its carbon footprint and be a more sustainable option. The loader targets the same performance of a 100-horsepower John Deere 310L diesel-powered machine but with zero exhaust emissions. With new stock of John Deere backhoes just arrived, contact our construction team today on (08) 6278 7777 for more information or to request a demo.