KUHN showcase latest tech in new MoCos

KUHN Group have announced two new additions to their mower conditioners line-up, equipped with technology improvements designed to better meets the needs of the operator. The new KUHN FC 9330 RA and FC 13640 RA will come with an integrated swath grouper, as well as be fitted with lift control suspension and Kuhn’s Optidisc Elite cutter bar. The FC 9330 RA can adapt its swath delivery from 1.8m to 3.6m, meaning the forage left behind can suit a variety of balers but in particular, those with wide pick-ups where the density is high. It also has an integrated inclinometer that controls the belt speed, parallel with the slope of the paddock. The FC 13640 RA has the largest mowing width in the KUHN mower range, offering operators a working width of 12.4m – 13.4m, as well as a swath width of between 1.8m – 3m. It also has a telescopic axle which makes it suitable for controlled traffic farming (CTF) and increases the clearance, making it easier to form wider, more evenly shaped swaths to encourage a consistent drying process. Rotors on the FC 13640 RA are driven by a selector lever gearbox, allowing operators to adapt their conditioning depending on the forage type. The mower has also been designed with a pivoting steel finger conditioner to ensure high quality conditioning. Both mower conditioners boast an ISOBUS control interface that allows operators to connect with KUHN’s Competence Centre ISOBUS (CCI) 800 and 1200 terminals. Kuhn Australia managing director Bruno Fetiveau said the terminals, which were introduced last year, have helped increase precision and reduce downtime. “The technological advances that are shaping the Agricultural industry are pushing machine manufacturers and operators to think outside of the box,” Fetiveau said. “To be involved in an industry that is moving in leaps and bounds is exciting and KUHN is certainly stepping up to the challenge.” A release date for the two new mower conditioners has not yet been announced for the Australian market. Watch this space.