• Gross Power: 224 kW (300 hp)
  • Gross Torque: 1,369 Nm 
  • Max Grapple Capacity: 2.07 m2 
  • Operating Weight: 22,484 kg 
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Simplified routing of the electrical and hydraulic systems improves reliability and eases service. Wiring and hoses are placed for protection against wear and damaging bends.


Large grapple helps you deliver more wood to the landing with fewer skids. More grapple-squeeze force provides a constant pressure, so operators are less likely to lose a log, even if a load gets jarred.

Continuously Variable Transmission

The easy-to-use CVT transmission automatically senses the load and delivers more torque and tractive effort as needed to maintain the desired speed.

New Steering Sensors

New steering sensors control articulation speed when nearing frame-to-frame contact, cushioning impact during full articulation and improving operator comfort.

Outboard-Extreme™ Axles