STIHL Chainsaws

STIHL Chainsaws

When you buy a STIHL chainsaw, you're in safe hands. With world-leading technology, STIHL has undoubtedly proven to provide high-quality power tools for a wide variety of users. As a verified reseller, AFGRI stands behind the comprehensive range that STIHL has to offer. Combine STIHL's legendary reliability with impeccable design and outstanding user comfort, STHIL's professional range of chainsaws is guaranteed to get the job done whether it's big or small.

Our online catalogue with comprehensive information on every product will help you find whatever you are looking for quickly. Simply click one of the product groups to start exploring. We hope you enjoy your virtual trip through the world of STIHL products.

STIHL Battery-Powered Chainsaws

For the noise conscious consumer, our range of STIHL Battery Operated Chainsaws is perfect for working around a range of sensitive areas such as residential, landscaping, schools, hospitals, etc. With a cordless approach, you'll still have the power to cut through the toughest of materials.

Our full range can meet the demands of the modern world, being able to perform time and time again and is the perfect assistant for being able to conduct property maintenance, horticulture, cutting firewood, as well as sawing work in enclosed areas or yards.

For ultimate operator comfort, be sure to shop online or in-store today to pick up a deal on our models of STIHL chainsaws.

STIHL Petrol Chainsaws

Firewood cutting has never been easier. STIHL offers models which are a cut above the rest. All of our petrol chainsaws have an anti-vibration system which decreases the amount of vibration caused at the handles, allowing you to use chainsaws more efficiently and effectively over time.

If you want great value for money, be sure to check out our range of Petrol Chainsaws.

STIHL Electric Chainsaws

Working in noise-sensitive environments? No problem! Our great range of electric STIHL chainsaws is the perfect solution when working either indoors or outdoors. These chainsaws are quiet cutting wood, are emission-free, and most of all, easy to use.

Need a quiet model to add to your workshop? Call us or visit our store where we can help you find your next STIHL product.

STIHL Arborist Chainsaws

Arborists typically maintain trees for the safety of the public and the health of the tree. Whilst they have been trained and have the knowledge to do so, they need the right product to conduct the task at hand.

Luckily, our range of STIHL chainsaws can perform specific tasks for Arborists. These chainsaws are lightweight, being able to perform a range of difficult tasks that require precision.

If you're into Arboristry work, contact AFGRI so we can get you the right tool for the job.

STIHL Pole Chainsaws/Pruners

Are you having difficulty maintaining trees at heights? Our range of STIHL Pole Chainsaws/Pruners is designed to perform and help you with versatile tasks.

STIHL Pole Pruners are an ideal solution for tree maintenance. They have a high torque capability being able to cut through the thickest of branches with ease.

Need to reach a high place? No problem. Branches up to a height of approximately 5 metres can be easily managed by our telescopic models.

When you shop with AFGRI, you can be sure our range of STIHL products complies with the highest safety, performance, and functionality standards on the market.

Interested in buying from our range of STIHL chainsaws?

We have an extensive range of chainsaws to meet all your needs. Whether you need something quiet and versatile such as a Battery-Powered Chainsaw or something like an Arborist Chainsaw that will help you be more precise for those difficult tasks - AFGRI has got you covered. Make sure you give us a call on 08 6278 7100 or visit us in store for your next purchase!

We also are your one stop shop for service and parts for STIHL chainsaws. If you need a fix for your bar, chain or any other features that need seeing to, that's no trouble, we have the right team and parts to help you with your STIHL equipment.

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