STIHL Hand Tools

STIHL Hand Tools

Whether you're chasing something specifically for gardening or perhaps something more heavy-duty for forestry work, our STIHL Hand Tools are excellent and can withstand many years of use. Ergonomically designed, our range of STIHL Hand Tools are indispensable companions that are handy to have ready for your next job, either around the house or commercially.

Garden Tools

While we have a range of power tools for you to choose from, we also have a selection of Garden Tools to supplement and provide you with assistance to help you with your activities. These tools areĀ ideal for finalising those finishing touches on your garden, whether the job is big or small. Browse our comprehensive range of Garden Tools to maintain your garden optimally all year round!


Do you need to cut through rigid branches but don't have the tools to do so? Our STIHL Secateurs are ergonomically designed for right and left-handed users. Crafted with a non-slip grip coating, these tools are comfortable to use, giving you more control in cutting thick branches and ensuring you're safe. Take a look at our Secateurs for all your cutting needs!


Coming in both a compact and large design, the STIHL Lopper range is perfect for cutting branches ranging from 35mm-40mm in diameter. Powerful and light, these tools can cut through the toughest of shrubs. Whether you have a small or large job, you can rest assured knowing that our STIHL Loppers can provide you with the assistance you need for your next cutting project.

Pruning Saw

Our HANDYCUT, MEGACUT, and other versatile Pruning Saws are essential for your next pruning task. Whether you need to perform precise cuts or need something a bit larger for more efficiency, STIHL's range of Pruning Saws is the optimal choice for maintaining your garden when things are getting out of control.

Thinning Shears

Tougher than our previous tools, our Thinning Shears are a bit heavier, cutting through very thick branches with ease. The ability to change the cutting head ensures that your set of shears can last longer. Shop our Thinning Shears range if you want to refine and take your garden to the next level.

Hedge Shears

If you need to work on more demanding projects such as hedges and shrubs, consider purchasing a set of Hedge Shears. Designed with serrated cutters, you can easily tend to soft and tough hedges or shrubs without worrying about whether you can get the job done. Installed with an impact absorber, it makes cutting easier with less stress on the joints.

Forestry Tools

A step up from our gardening range, Our STIHL Forestry Tools are used for measuring, moving, marking and processing wood. Whether you have a small or large-scale forestry project, look at AFGRI's Forestry Tools to get the job done.

Sharpening Tools

Need something sharpened to get it ready for your next job? AFGRI's range of sharpening tools can get your STIHL products up to scratch with the 3-in-1 sharpening tool and the Sharpening Stone & Whetstone. Easy to use, the sharpening tools provide a great way to get a fast, effective, and professional sharpening result.

Forestry Hatchets

Ranging from light hatchets for chopping through small branches to something more extensive such as a universal hatchet that can meet the demands of most jobs, look no further than AFGRI's range of Forestry Hatchets.

Cleaving Axes

If you're looking for an easy method to split wood, invest in a Cleaving Axe from STIHL. Coming in both plastic and hickory variations, you can get the most out of differently weighted axes, perfect if you want something light, durable, or heavy to make light work of the task at hand.

Pulp Hooks

Need to shift or transport plywood? Our Pulp Hooks can make your life a lot easier when trying to move copious amounts of wood for forestry work. Equipped with an ergonomic handle, you can be sure that you can move wood efficiently with this handy tool in your repertoire.

Drag Hooks

Forged from high-quality, hardened steel, our Drag Hooks are designed to drag logs. A sharp ground tip enables the Drag Hook to lock into logs easily and shift wood without any hassles.

Felling Levers

Made from a special steel alloy, Felling Levers and specially designed for tipping a tree over in its intended direction. Felling Levers prove to be a handy tool for forestry workers with a cant hook for turning logs, allowing them to effectively move wood where needed.

Felling Wedges

Our Felling Wedges allow you to gain more control over your cut by helping the tree fall the way you want it. Get acquainted with our range of Aluminium Felling Wedges, which are made for penetrating wood. Coming in small, medium, and large trunk diameters, the milled grooves make adding a second wedge into a cut easier.

Sharpening Stones and Whetstones

Need to complete a sharpening or whetting task? Our two-sided sharpening/whetstone is perfect for getting your tools up to scratch. A coarse and fine grain make-up allows for the precision grinding of tools to make them sharper for your next task.

Long Reach Hand Tools

Have something that's just a bit too far away to reach? Whether trying to maintain trees, shrubs or cutting wood, STIHL's Long Reach Hand Tools can close the gap between yourself and the distance you need to get the job done. At AFGRI, we stock a variety of Long Reach Hand Tools for you to use at your disposal.

Sharpening Stones and Whetstones

While Sharpening Stones and Whetstones are typically used for Garden and Forestry purposes, they're also used for preparing and maintaining Long Reach Hand Tools.

Universal Hooks

STIHL's Precision Universal Hook has a multitude of uses depending on the task at hand. Whether you need to push or pull rocks or get rid of loose branches in the way, the metal hook is extra strong and can hook objects with great accuracy.

Saw Blades

Our Super Turbocut Saw Blade can cut and prune branches from a distance and at heights. A curated Japanese blade, it can cut effortlessly into different types of wood without any trouble.

Telescopic Shafts

If you need to get in touch with something that's just out of your reach, look no further than our two-section high strength Telescopic Shaft. With a cutting height of up to 7 metres, you can easily maintain trees and bushes in most cases without a ladder.

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