STIHL High-Pressure Cleaners and Vacuum Cleaners

STIHL High-Pressure Cleaners

At AFGRI, we have a range of high-pressure cleaners that offer a substantial amount of cleaning power. Built with eco-friendly technologies, our wet and dry cleaners are long-lasting - having a long operational life.

Petrol High-Pressure Cleaners

Our new STIHL High-Pressure Cleaners effortlessly offer an excellent solution for being able to effectively clean walls, paths, vehicles, tools, and much more. Equipped with an ergonomic wand, it allows users to comfortably reposition themselves when cleaning and moving around. Our Petrol High-Pressure Cleaners are our more popular models and are the conventional way of getting the job done.

Electric High-Pressure Cleaners

Do you have dirt tarnishing your belongings? A sure solution is STIHL's variety of cold water High-Pressure Cleaners. These are able to clean and get rid of dirt easily, lifting and refreshing surfaces that they once were. Whether you're chasing a machine for your property or something a bit more serious, then look no further than our stock at AFGRI Equipment!

Vacuum Cleaners

If you want something easy and effective to manage, then our dry and wet vacuum cleaners are the right tools for the job. STIHL has an excellent range of vacuum cleaners that aren't too big and are easy to manoeuvre.

High-Pressure Cleaner Accessories

The diverse amount of accessories that we have at AFGRI Equipment for STIHL High-Pressure Cleaners is second to none. Push the boundary and open up more possibilities of what you can do.

Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

We have a diverse range of attachments that help you complete a variety of tasks at an efficient rate. Have something that's hard to reach? Not to worry - we have the perfect tool for the job. Shop at AFGRI and get your hands on our accessories to help you with your next job.

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Our high-pressure cleaners are exceptional in getting your areas up to scratch. Get in touch to learn more about our STIHL High-Pressure Cleaners.

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