STIHL Personal Protective Equipment

STIHL Personal Protective Equipment

As a STIHL equipment supplier, we must also ensure that you stay protected for any job at hand. Safety should always be considered first when working on the job, especially with power tools.

This begins from the ground up by adhering to correct working methods and using high-quality equipment with the appropriate safety clothing. AFGRI offers a range of protective clothing to meet all your working needs, including but not limited to Full Chainsaw Protective Clothing, Eye Protection, Hearing Protection, and the like. Safety is STIHL's top priority, and that's why we offer an extensive range of products to adhere to this.

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Eye Protection

Your vision shouldn't be taken for granted; stay protected with our range of Safety Glasses which will help you stay shielded from physically demanding jobs.

Safety Glasses

Whilst being fashionable and coming in polarised and non-polarised variations, our range of VisionMAX Safety Glasses is proven to shield you from any job where your vision is at risk. Equipped with anti-scratch lenses and padded grip arms, these glasses are comfortable to wear over extended periods. Check out our safety glasses to keep you safe at all times!

Hearing Protection

Hearing is another essential factor to consider when working on job sites. Working in noisy areas has proven to show damaging effects on your hearing. That's why at AFGRI, we stock protective hearing equipment for you to work in those noise-inducing areas comfortably, knowing your hearing is managed correctly.


Our range of Professional Earmuffs is perfect for blocking sound in high-noise situations. Being able to block out at least '-32 dB (A)', our professional-grade of STIHL earmuffs are comfortable with fully adjustable and padded headbands.

Head and Face Protection

Typically used when operating a chainsaw, our range of STIHL Head and Face Protection kits are compatible with all STIHL Multi-Fit Visors. The helmets come equipped with visors, tough enough to withstand loose, flying objects which can cause irritation or injure the operator. Check out our range of Head and Face Protection kits to withstand what's thrown at you on the job.


With both entry-level and professional-grade models available, our helmets can be lightweight and remain solid in providing the utmost protection to operators working various jobs.


An alternative to safety glasses, our visors provide a greater range of protection to those working more labour-intensive jobs. Our visors come in Polycarb, Mesh and Steel Mesh iterations which can vary based on the type of work you're doing.

High Visibility Clothing

At AFGRI, we also stock a range of STIHL High Visibility Protective Clothing suited to keep you visible when working in dangerous areas.

Orange Hi-Vis Clothing

We can supply Orange Hi-Vis Clothing, particularly trousers, which are high visibility and can work in robust settings. Whether you're working on dangerous train tracks or busy streets, the FS Protect Hi-Vis Trousers are perfect for extreme working conditions. For more information on product specifications, contact us at AFGRI, where our service team can help you get kitted out with the correct work clothing for your job.

Weatherproof Clothing

Our ADVANCE range of Weatherproof Clothing ensures you can withstand all types of weather conditions when working outside. Offering protection from rain, wind, and snow, our weatherproof clothing is breathable and functional - ideal for physically demanding work whereby you need to stay dry.

Hand Protection

STIHL provides optimal protection for your hands when working under harsh working conditions. If you need high-quality work gear that's windproof, waterproof and impervious to thorns and oil - look no further than AFGRI's range of STIHL Hand Protection gear to keep you protected on the job.

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