STIHL Pole Pruners

STIHL Pole Pruners

Trees can become troublesome if left unattended or maintained poorly. STIHL's range of Pole Pruners is a great method of ensuring trees can be managed effectively. Branches can be cut effortlessly with a reach of up to 5 meters from telescopic models.

Petrol Pole Pruners

Our range of Petrol Pruners is one of the most sought-after pieces of equipment, purely based on their ability to maintain hard-to-reach places from a distance. With a high reach, you can prune trees and bushes more effectively. Not only that, these pruners have a high torque allowing users to cut through thick branches with ease.

Battery Powered Pole Pruners

As the name suggests, this counterpart is operated purely by a battery. With fewer emissions, you can reduce your environmental footprint and get the same benefits of using a petrol pole pruner. Whether you need to conduct smaller trims, remove dead wood, or even cut back full trees, our battery-powered pruners are exceptional for maintaining trees of all types. Being powerful yet quiet allows the machine to be used in a variety of areas, especially in noise-sensitive ones.

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