5 signs your farm needs a new tractor

Over the years we’ve worked with many different businesses looking to invest in a new tractor, or customers seeking advice on what will best suit their farming needs.

So, if you think it may be time to invest in new equipment, or if you’re not sure whether it’s time to trade-up, we’ve got you covered. Here are five signs your farm needs a new tractor.

1. Your business is growing or diversifying

You only need to upgrade or buy new equipment if your old equipment breaks down, right? Well, even if your tractor’s still in good condition, it may no longer actually serve your needs.

In the early stages of a budding business, you may choose to start with a tractor or equipment that’s small but efficient. But a growing workload requires bigger or more specialised equipment to get the job done. Size and strength, for example, are important factors to keep in mind when deciding whether your current equipment is up to the job, or if it’s time for an upgrade.

Similarly, if you’re starting to diversify, this likely also calls for equipment that is going to be suitable for the job at hand.

2. The technology has evolved - and so should your tractor

Technology is always evolving, and this is a good thing. This means there’s a tractor tailored to all kinds of application specialties including vineyard, orchard, vegetable, high row bed, low-clearance buildings, airports, and more.

Investing in a new tractor with updated technology will help take the load off your work and keep you at the forefront of what’s new. From utility, specialty, row crop, and 4WD/Track tractors, there are a whole range of tractors available with the most updated technology for all kinds of jobs.

And brands like John Deere, for example, are designed based on real customer feedback, so you know the benefits to the customer are always front-of-mind.

3. Your tractor has done more than 12,000 hours

The 12,000-hour rule generally dictates that once your tractor has done 12,000 hours, then it’s time to trade-up. After this, power and durability become less reliable. Forging on with a tractor that has had its day is risky, and running your equipment for much longer past this time can mean more costly repair and maintenance down the road.

And even though it may look and sound okay on the outside, there are most certainly problems that may not be so obvious - so save yourself the stress.

4. Your tractor constantly has problems

Like any piece of equipment, conducting regular maintenance and checks is standard. But if you’re noticing a suspicious noise or issue even after a recent repair, then you’ve likely got a problem that can’t just be fixed with a regular check-up.

Frequent software or technical failures also shouldn’t be a common occurrence, so to save yourself time, money, and stress, it’s best to start looking at investing in something that’s going to have greater quality, performance, and reliability.

5. It’s part of your strategy to plan ahead

If it isn’t already, upgrading your tractor should be part of your long-term planning and business strategy. Including these upgrades in your long-term planning will save you time and money in the long run, because you will be prepared with powerful and reliable equipment that is suitable for your needs.

So whether your business is starting to grow, you’ve noticed some ongoing issues, or your tractor is nearly at the 12,000-hour mark, plan ahead and invest in the right equipment before you need it.

Get in touch with us for advice on the best tractor and equipment for your business. With a range of powerful and durable options available, there’s sure to be a tractor to suit your needs.