Bourgault breaking barriers with Frame Mounted Seeders

Bourgault’s new Frame Mounted Seeder (FMS) range of narrow transport seeders look to deliver on Bourgault’s reputation of strength, accuracy and productivity for smaller producers. The new units come in working widths of 6m, 8m and 9m and has narrow transport dimensions of 3m wide by 4m wide (4.5m high for 9m models). The seeders have many of the same components used on Bourgault’s larger seeder models, including PDM ProTM hydraulic metering units, which are the industry standard in metering accuracy. The tine and single-disc models available are the same type used on Bourgault’s field proven broadacre offerings. The independent ParaLinkTM openers with hydraulic down pressure can be controlled either manually from the cab, or automatically using Bourgault’s PackMasterTM. With three speeds and a variety of metering augers, the seeders can delivery seeding rates from 2,200 kg/ha. The seeders also have a lot of versatility when it comes to tank capacity. They come standard with three-tank metering in 4800 litre and 7200 litre capacities with an optional fourth Saddle TankTM for small seeds. Their wide, sturdy platforms and easy-to-access metering units make calibrating and loading or unloading easy. The strong frame also gives the operator confidence the seeder can handle the tough conditions that Australian farmers face,for many years to come. With these heavy-duty frames and low maintenance 250-hour grease intervals, it’s among the toughest seeders on the market. For more information, contact your local AFGRI Equipment branch today.