Deep rip with Agrowplow to improve soil structure & health

If you are considering deep ripping next season, Agrowplow have new stock available for order through your local AFGRI Equipment branch. Repeated passes from machinery or livestock creates compacted layers of subsoil that impedes water infiltration and root development. Agrowplow’s range of deep tillage soil renovators alleviate compaction to improve soil structure and promote soil health, meaning healthier, more productive crops. Incorporating a deep ripping program doesn’t just provide benefits for the coming season, it pays back over years. By busting through subsoil compaction, you promote water infiltration and retention. This allows rainfall to penetrate deep into the soil profile and reduces your dependence on irrigation or perfectly timed seasonal rains. The power of Agrowplow’s deep rippers lies in the innovative shank design. The straight shanks feature a narrow profile that breaks up soil compaction up to 600mm deep without relying on a wide leading surface. This makes the shank more efficient, improving results while keeping fuel input costs down. Agrowplow’s innovative shank design also allows compacted subsoil layers to be shattered without inversion. Soil inversion is a common by product of deep ripping where subsoil layers are brought up and mixed with surface soils. This damages the soil profile by mixing subsoil microbiomes with surface ones. Agrowplow shanks work without soil inversion. This keeps your subsoil microbiology healthy which keeps the soil productive for longer, meaning fewer ameliorants are needed and plant growth is healthier. To find out more about the range available, contact your local AFGRI branch today.