Demos near as first X Series combines arrive in Australia

The first X Series combine harvesters have now arrived in Australia with three demonstration models soon to be heading for paddocks across the country. The X Series machines have been highly anticipated since it was announced back in January that the models would soon arrive. John Deere Australia and New Zealand production systems manager Ben Kelly said the X Series is a comprehensive and powerful harvesting solution, and is the successor to its popular S Series harvesters. “Growers are expecting the X Series to be the next iteration of our proven S Series in terms of performance, but this machine will deliver a significant step-up in harvest capacity,” Ben said. “The demonstration units which recently arrived are an opportunity for customers to see firsthand the machines in action in Australia and understand what it means for their business.” Ben said for some operations, the S Series will remain the perfect, high-performing workhorse and it may be buying additional S Series machines that will make the most sense for the unique needs and operations conditions of their business. “However, the X Series delivers a size and capability which we haven’t offered here before, and we are extremely excited to see it in Australian paddocks this season,” he said. “What makes this harvest capacity even more impressive is that it is achieved with higher fuel efficiency thanks to our award-winning drivetrain design – and with minimal grain lost which means more money in growers’ pockets.” Unfortunately, the X series could not make it in time for this year’s field days season but expression of interest for demos can now be placed for later in the year. For more information, contact your local AFGRI branch today.