Round Baler

  • Low to frequent, versatile use
  • High specification build quality
  • Multicrop performer
  • Bale chamber choice
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Versatility and performance provided by choice of MultiCrop bale chamber

MultiCrop gate option offers a versatile solution
F441M with MultiCrop tailgate combines advantages of rolls and conveyor technologiesF441M with MultiCrop tailgate combines advantages of rolls and conveyor technologies

This baler provides versatility to small and medium farms because of its ability to harvest wet and dry crops.

Due to the slats conveyor integrated in to the tailgate, the MultiCrop gate efficiently grabs dry crops. Even in hot brittle barley straw, bales are constantly rotating from the beginning of the process to the tying process.

Combined with a front chamber featuring powered 12 ribbed rolls, the F441M MultiCrop provides high fixed chamber baler versatility.

Conveyor technology at its best
Noise absorber makes conveyer silentNoise absorber makes conveyer silent

Thanks to clever design, the MultiCrop gate eliminates:

  • Bad conveyor tracking caused by foreign objects
    • Rails protect the conveyor chains from stones caught in the crops. The stones can be released by opening the tailgate
  • Steel-on-steel contact, creating traditional conveyor noise.
    • The MultiCrop tailgate decreases noise by having rubber conveyor tracks that absorb most of the noise and vibration.
Reduced maintenance increases uptime
Tensioner optimizes chain lifespanTensioner optimizes chain lifespan
Slats can be easily changedSlats can be easily changed

Increasing the number of chains is often linked to high maintenance and reduced lifetime. The MultiCrop gate has two idlers that optimize chain tension to enhance chain lifespan.
An aperture on each tailgate side allows the operator to check and replace slat bearings. Due to heavy-duty slats (35-mm [1.4-in.] diameter), the bending of parts is rare and the apertures can be replaced without dismounting the conveyor.

Simple feeding with proven technology provides a long and quiet ride

Cam track design offers the best versatility
Left – pickup with cam track / right – cam-less pickupLeft – pickup with cam track / right – cam-less pickup

The F441M Baler provides operators with a single baler to harvest all kinds of crops, from gliding straw to short, sticky silage. Cam-track technology provides an efficient solution for such needs. The traditional stripper design provides reduced space between the pickup tines and rotor feeder, while the tine motion helps to avoids pinching.

The cam-less technology requires long strippers, creating a dead-zone between the tines and rotor. Additionally, fixed tines can easily pinch crops in sticky conditions, causing plugs that need to be manually removed.

Four tine bars match good picking capacity Four tine bars match good picking capacity

The F441M Balers feature a 2.0- or 2.2-m (6.5- or 7.2-ft) pickup and galvanized strippers for an extended lifespan. The four-tine bars mounted on sealed ball bearings and equipped with 5-mm (0.2-in.) diameter tines meet the picking capacity expected by small and medium size farms.

High-capacity (HC) rotor limits plugging risk
Left - HC rotor / right - classic rotor designLeft - HC rotor / right - classic rotor design

The F441M features an HC rotor design already used on the previous model F440M. This simple design offers several key advantages:

  • Large-diameter rotor to provide high feeding capacity
  • Limited distance from pickup to rotor tines to reduce plugging
  • Reduced number of bearings and distributed loads along the rotor to increase reliability
  • Hardox® wear plate tines to provide high resistance to wear
RotoFlow HC and MaxiCut™ HC 13 rotors are available on the F441MRotoFlow HC and MaxiCut™ HC 13 rotors are available on the F441M

The F441M is available without a precutter (RotoFlow HC Premium feeder). MaxiCut HC Premium 13 knives is proposed as alternative solution for operators searching for a regular precutter with 80-mm (3-in.) space between knives. In order to provide quality cutting, knives are individually secured by springs to protect against foreign objects and are double heat treated for longer durability. The full set of knives is controlled by a hydraulic valve conveniently located on the front of the baler.

Advanced drop floor or simple rotor wrench offer unplugging choice
Exclusive drop floor removes the worst plugsExclusive drop floor removes the worst plugs
Rotor wrench offered as an economical solution for RotoFlow HC PremiumRotor wrench offered as an economical solution for RotoFlow HC Premium

As with the high-spec F441R Baler, the drop floor makes removing plugs easy, even those under converging augers. This exclusive design covers the rotor width, so wherever a plug occurs, the unplugging device decompresses the crops and feeds the plug into the baler.


Parallel kinematics provides a consistent 40-mm (1.6-in.) space on the entire drop floor, eliminating narrow pinch points like front- hinged drop floors have.


The drop floor is easily controlled by a hydraulic valve located on the control panel. The drop floor is standard for the F441M, when equipped with the MaxiCut HC Premium 13.


For a RotoFlow HC Premium equipped baler, the drop floor system is proposed as an option. Even without this system, the F441M can be unplugged without the operator reaching their hands into the pickup. If this happens, the operator needs to declutch the rotor, put the wrench on the rotor, and reverse to remove the compressed crops.


Hardox is a trademark of SSAB Technology AB.

User-friendly and efficient tying system provide quality bale

Easy net roll loading
Loading ramp assists roll handlingLoading ramp assists roll handling

Even with long net rolls, a roll is changed at least twice a day. Operators lifting 40-kg (88-lb) rolls over 2.0-m (6.6-ft) can cause serious injury. A convenient loading ramp allows the operator to easily push the heavy net rolls to the wrapping system and to the roll storage device.


When equipped with net wrapping, the F441M Baler has one roll installed in the device and one roll, up to 300-mm (11.81-in.) diameter, in the storage.


An additional box is available as an option. The additional box is delivered as standard with the net and twine option.


The additional box can be retrofitted to all existing F441M Balers. It is only required to remove a lateral plate from the baler and install the field bundle.

Simple and easy net tracking
Very simple net trackingVery simple net tracking

Once placed in the wrapping device, the net is easy to install. Declutch the net system and push the net between the feeding rolls. Re-engage the system and close the shielding. The process is completed in less than a minute.

Easy access to platform
Convenient ladder access from both sidesConvenient ladder access from both sides

A convenient loading platform accessible from both sides of the machines allows the operator to easily put in place the roll and setup the bale tying system.

Depending on the chosen monitor, any wrapping issues can be communicated by the display.

Monitor has simple and effective display

BaleTrak™ Easy monitor manages essential functions
Limited buttonsLimited buttons

The BaleTrak Easy has been specially designed for small and medium farms and is focused on the following essential functions:

  • On and off
  • Bale size setting
  • Net and/or twine selection
  • Net and/or twine settings (number of turns, twine spacing, twine space to edges)
  • Manual tying process launch
  • Manual net system actuating

The liquid-crystal display (LCD) offers complementary information such as:

  • Current bale size
  • Tying status
  • Total bale count
  • Resetable bale count

As a member of BaleTrak system range, the BaleTrak Easy offers expected reliability, allowing longer lifetime.

BaleTrak monitor fits demanding user expectations
Advanced settings and information on BaleTrak displayAdvanced settings and information on BaleTrak display

The BaleTrak display is offered as an option on the F441M Baler. The monitor provides the same functions as the BaleTrak Easy, plus additional settings and information:

  • Independent right and left space from twine end to bale edge
  • Bale size setting monitoring
  • Twine feeding monitoring
  • Full icon description, such as gate status, tying mode, tying status, bale status, battery status, stop alarm.
  • Five resettable bale counter options
  • Four factory presets for the wrapping cycle, plus one customizable
Monitor supports

Monitor supports are ordered independently from the monitor. In order to be easily teamed to the tractor, two supports are proposed:

  • Monitor support for John Deere 5XXX/6XXX/7XXX Series Tractors
  • Universal monitor support - John Deere 5XXX/6XXX/7XXX Series Tractors excepted (clamped)

Both monitor supports are also available as attachments through traditional channels.

Battery wiring harness delivers 12-V power to the monitor
Battery wiring harnessBattery wiring harness

For tractors that do not feature the 12-V, three-pole COBO® outlet, a universal battery harness is provided as an attachment. This electrical harness is linked to the tractor’s battery and delivers the 12-V power to the monitor through a standardized plug.


The battery wiring harness is only available as bundle to retrofit multiples tractors.